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An appeal from Zachary

Many animals, like me, arrive at a NAWT centre in urgent need of veterinary treatment, and then require extensive on-going care before we can be rehomed. The lovely folk at NAWT always put our welfare first, but medical treatment can be very expensive.

I’m Zachary, and I didn’t have the best start in life, arriving at NAWT’s Watford centre in a box, along with my mum and my two brothers. I was just one week old.

My mum, Jojo, was very skinny and we all needed help, but I in particular had more problems than my siblings. I was struggling to catch my breath, as if something was blocking my nose and my eyes and ear were sore too.

“We found a cardboard box dumped outside our centre with Zachary, Jojo, and her kitttens. Thankfully, Jojo just needed some fluids, food, and love and she was able to care for her Zachary and his two brothers, but poor little Zachary clearly had bigger issues. After a vet examination, he had a respiratory infection caused by a polyp in his nose, another in his ear, and conjunctivitis.” - Yasmin, Animal Care Team, NAWT Watford

Despite my difficult past, I’m a lucky fella because I was rescued, cared for, and given the urgent medical attention I needed. My new friends at NAWT helped me breathe more easily, and they also gave me medicines, which have made me feel stronger too.

I had lots of visits from the animal carers, including Yasmin. They were always checking on me to make sure I had enough water and food, and giving me gentle cuddles.

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m doing really well, and both of my brothers and my mum soon found their forever homes, and I’m not going to lie, I did miss them hugely. But luckily I found new snuggle buddies in younger kittens Furball and Ludo, who were actually the same size as me, because I’m only small. 

Did I mention I love a cuddle? In no time at all, I was up on my feet and enjoying playtime – especially the fishing rod toy. After being at NAWT Watford for about 4 months, I am happy to say I found a lovely couple with a young child who adopted me, and give me all the attention I deserve.

“Everyone here at our Watford centre was smitten with little Zachary. From such a difficult start in life, he has really flourished. We were all so happy for him when, at the age of 4 months old, he was finally ready to go to his forever home.”  Yasmin, Animal Care Team, NAWT Watford

But my story isn’t unique; many of my friends staying at NAWT have similar tales to tell. Many of them are on the opposite end of the age spectrum, but have found themselves living at NAWT because they had nowhere else to go. For example, thirteen-year-old Twiglet and ten-year-olds, Sol and Harvey, all lost their homes when their owners tragically passed away. Other friends came to NAWT because their health was declining, and their loving owners unfortunately couldn’t afford the huge vet bills and the long-term care requirements.

At NAWT, it doesn’t matter whether you are one week old, like I was, or in your golden years, they never turn you away. We are cared for, loved, and given all the medical treatment we need to give us hope for a brighter future. In many cases, we wouldn’t have survived without it.

“Over the last year, we’ve all been affected by the coronavirus in one way or another, and we have seen an unfortunate trend in elderly animals being brought to us, because the owners can no longer afford expensive veterinary treatment. It is heart breaking to see, and takes such bravery from the owners to put their animal’s needs first, but that’s what NAWT is here for.” Yasmin, Animal Care Team, NAWT Watford

I overheard Yasmin saying to one of her colleagues that the urgent surgery and on-going care that many of us need comes at a price. The veterinary care given to homeless animals like me costs NAWT on average £300,000 a year. That sounds like a lot. If it weren’t for the generosity of supporters like you, it just wouldn’t be possible for animals like me to receive this treatment.

By giving £5 today, you’ll be contributing towards animals like me having the medical treatment we need when we arrive at NAWT, and our continued veterinary care until we find our forever homes.

Thank you so much for your kindness, and for everything you have already done to give me and my friends at all the NAWT centres a happy and healthier future. I’m so lucky to have found a loving family who give me all the fuss I need – and that’s a lot!

Zachary – former NAWT resident

P.S. This last year has been a worrying time for my friends at NAWT, as they haven’t been able to have visitors, hold open days, or open their shops to raise money.  Please donate £5 today to give animals like me hope, and the chance to lead a full and happy life. Thank you. 

Please donate £5 today – and help give a cat like Zachary the treatment they need

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