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An appeal from Fluke

I’m Fluke, and I’ve been a resident at NAWT’s Cornwall rehoming centre for nearly two years now.

I didn’t have the best start in life, and found it very difficult to trust humans when I first came into the centre; I especially didn’t enjoy anyone touching me.

Animals like me may find themselves staying at a NAWT centre for over a year due to our unknown backgrounds, meaning we will require a longer time to settle in and become available for rehoming.

Please will you donate £5 today to give me as much time as I need to get myself ready to find my forever home?

I think it was obvious to my new carers that I may not have had positive experiences with humans or other dogs, therefore I would need time and lots of patience before I would be ready to meet a new potential owner.

Through their gentle approach, I have slowly learnt to trust humans again and actually, I’ve built a really strong bond with one of my carers in particular. Her name is Emma, and she has taught me so many new things since I arrived at the centre.

Whilst in the care of NAWT, I have received some amazing training and learnt how being touched can actually be an enjoyable experience – Emma’s cuddles are pretty good. I am also really enjoying playing with new toys, including my favourite teddy, Mr Foxy.

I don’t like to brag, but I’m also able to have a treat placed on my paw and not eat it until Emma says I can. She seems to take great delight in me showing off my willpower!

I’m one of many animals that have come into NAWT’s centres where my history is unknown, leading me to have developed some inappropriate behaviours. I know NAWT does not put any time limit on how quickly we need to be rehomed, and I certainly have appreciated them not rushing me. 

I’m not sure exactly what Emma and the others mean when they mention coronavirus, but they say things are bad at the moment because of it. They seem particularly worried because they haven’t been able to have visitors, hold events, run cafes or open the shops to raise money. Emma says this is vital to keeping all the centres like ours open. 

Come to think of it, I used to see lots of visitors outside my kennel not long after I arrived in June 2019, but that stopped about a year ago. There were always one or two days where the centre would be buzzing with visitors too; I think they called them Open Days. Not that I was complaining, as I got lots of treats on those days!

I do hope that this lack of fundraising opportunities doesn’t affect me and my friends’ chances of finding our forever home soon, as I have been so grateful to all the people around me allowing me to go at my own pace.

Emma and her teammates have given me a lot of space, and slowly set boundaries so I know what kind of behaviour is acceptable in a home. They all seem really pleased with my progress and I feel very proud of that; I like to make them smile and the treats are a bonus too!

Being a husky, I come with different needs to some other breeds, and it means that I am looking for a very special owner; that may also take a while to find. Because dogs like me need longer to be rehabilitated, it does of course mean that the cost of keeping me in care is more.

In these uncertain times, my animal friends and I at all the NAWT centres are so grateful to you for your continued support. It seems times are hard for everyone right now, and like you, we hope for brighter things to come in the year ahead (including finding our forever homes).

Thank you for your kindness, and for everything you have already given to make the world a better place for animals like me.


Current NAWT resident

PS - You can help animals like me have a second chance to turn our lives around and find our own happy place, knowing we can get there in our own time. Please donate £5 now to help keep NAWT rehoming centres alive, and providing a safe place for animals in need.  

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