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Appeal to find loving homes for gorgeous cats Tinker and Polo

To celebrate #CLAWGUST we’re going to introduce you to a featured cat every week, these cats are in desperate need for a home.

To kick start this campaign, none are more deserving than gorgeous pair Tinker and Polo, who have sadly been in our care since they were born.

Their mother Wendy, who has since been homed, arrived at our Clacton centre as a feral cat two years ago and gave birth to healthy kittens.

The team at the centre worked hard to win her trust, as she was extremely protective over her young.

Animal care assistant Laura explains: “Their mum Wendy was feral so made it very difficult to get near her or the kittens.

“This meant they missed out on quite a lot of crucial handling and socialisation. Wendy found her forever home as Tinker and Polo's sister Domino, who was slightly more confident, but the boys are still waiting.

“They have come on really, really far - especially since Open Paw and we're desperate for them to get home.”

The pair celebrated their second birthday just last week, and are the longest serving residents at our Clacton centre.

Laura added: “You can always find Tinker at the front of his pen, considering he used to run and cower away, he now enjoys attention and a fuss, he will rub around your legs too.

“He is super playful and enjoys spending time in our enrichment pen. He is good at using the interactive feeders, games and NoBowl mice and is a bit of a foodie.

“In the last few weeks, Tinker developed crystals in his bladder and was straining to wee.

“He was in quite a lot of pain and got quite down in the dumps about it too, he is now on special urinary diet to help.”

Out of the three kittens, Polo was and still is the most nervous but since NAWT introduced Open Paw for cats, he is making progress.

“Before, Polo would spend the majority of time hiding under a blanket on his plastic chair,” Laura continues.

“But now he is nearly always at the front of the pen, watching out and waiting for treats.

“He is very playful and loves playing with his toys and enjoys time in the enrichment pen.

“Polo is now better around people, even those unfamiliar to him but still has a way to go.

“He will have a small stroke off of the cattery team that work with him daily but this is only for a short time. “

The brothers are now separated after Tinkers illness and could be rehomed as a pair or individually.

For more information please visit Tinker or Polo, or ring our Clacton centre on 01255 860062.