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7 things only cat owners know

To celebrate #CLAWGUST and our love for all things feline, the NAWT team have put together this cat owner list!

Whether you have a rescue cat or not - here's the comprehensive list of things EVERY cat owner understands!

  1. Cats rule the house
  2. Cats will only ever sit on your lap if you’re trying to be productive, or if you need the toilet
  3. You can't fight cat hair – you just have to accept it as part of your life now
  4. Cats will look like they want to eat whatever you're eating, even if they don't like it
  5. Cats will always be asleep, until you want to be asleep and then they will be awake
  6. Despite being pretty small, cats can take up well over 50 per cent of a sofa
  7. They will insist on sleeping directly on your face

Have we missed something? Let us know your cat owner struggles!

Does your family have a feline shaped space that needs filling? Visit our re-homing page for more details!


Cats will stand on the receiving part of the landline phone and cut you off if you are not paying them the attention they want

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