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18 things we were thankful for in 2018

As another eventful year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on the 18 things of 2018 that we’re most thankful for.

  1. The loving, responsible families who have offered a safe and happy future to a homeless animal.
  2. The kind people who have taken time out of their day to visit the animals at NAWT, and taken part in some Open Paw training by feeding the cats and dogs.
  3. All of our dedicated and generous volunteers who give up their free time to helps us, and the animals in our care.
  4. The generous donors who help feed and care for the homeless animals at NAWT.
  5. All of our online supporters who share the stories of our homeless animals.
  6. Thoughtful families who delivered Christmas presents for the animals in our care ahead of 25th December.
  7. Your unwavering support throughout all of our campaigns.
  8. Every one of our corporate partners, who have supplied vital products or funding to the homeless animals in our care this year. Including
    1.  Space Textiles for their wonderful Space K9 harnesses.
    2. Pawsitive Enrichment for their tried and tested enrichment toys and feeders that improve an animal’s time in rescue.
    3. Arden Grange for their healthy, nutritious food that improves the wellbeing of every cat and dog in our care.
    4. Petplan for their generous support of NAWT and ensuring every cat, dog and rabbit goes home with 4 weeks free insurance.
  9. Players of our supporter lottery, who have raised NAWT a wonderful £8,983 in the last year, as well as a £2,500 donation from Unity Lottery when one of our players won the £25,000 jackpot!
  10. Lucy’s Law bill being passed to abolish puppy farming.
  11. Parliament debating the ethics behind electric shock training collars, and deeming them inhumane.
  12. The positive difference we have seen in our catteries since rolling out Open Paw for cats.
  13. Our dedicated animal care staff, who always going above and beyond to help animals in need.
  14. The support of local newspapers, who have helped to raise greater awareness of the animals at NAWT by sharing our stories with the communities surrounding NAWT centres.
  15. Everyone who bought gifts, cards and wrapping paper from our online shop, or bagged themselves a bargain from one of our charity shops. Every purchase raises further funds for homeless animals in need.
  16. YouTuber Lex Croucher visiting our Watford centre and helping us to share stories about our longer stay residents.
  17. Rosie Marcel giving up her free time to visit two of our centres and assist with the grand opening of two new facilities (Guinea Pig Village in Berkshire and Cotton Tail’s café in Watford).
  18. Launching Guinea Pig village, which will allow us to help more homeless Guinea Pigs in need, and raise better awareness of the care requirements of these popular family pets. 




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