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The welfare of animals is our main priority and drives every decision we make. A large part of our work with animals is supporting people who are looking to rehome a rescue pet or who have already rehomed an animal and need some additional support.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please get in touch and we’ll try to help you.

Watch our latest advice video:
Please make sure you're as prepped as you can be ahead of Halloween. This holiday can be extremely scary for our pets (and us!). Here are our top tips:  1. Walk your dog before it gets dark, so you’re not taking them out in the evening, where a lot of loud noises and bright lights might startle...

In a recent survey NAWT ran with Dogs Today magazine, 68% of people told us they let their dogs off lead on most walks, and being able to walk your dog offlead was one of the biggest considerations is where dog owners decided to walk their dogs. Off lead exercise not only gives your dog physical...

Your Dog and the Law Advice
As a responsible dog owner you need to know about dog legislation in order to protect you, your dog and the wider community. Here is a brief summary of the main laws relating to dog ownership.Please note this is just an overview and it is your responsibility to check and keep up to date with...

Dogs in car
With thousands of people expected to take to the roads this summer, the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) is reminding people of their responsibilities when it comes to dog travel. Following a survey completed by 700 pet owners, NAWT has produced a helpful infographic on the potential pitfalls...

NAWT Puppy Pledge
National Animal Welfare Trust understands that sometimes it is the right choice for a family to decide to get a puppy rather than a rescue dog. With that in mind, NAWT has advice for people who have decided to purchase a puppy.

Stolen Pets Advice
Discovering your dog has been stolen and never knowing what happened to him has to be an owner’s worst nightmare. The new Compulsory Microchipping legislation introduced in April 16  will unfortunately not help reduce the growing number of dog thefts each year - that is every owner’s responsibility...

What you need to do if your pet is missing.