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Useful information

Issy and the rabbitsTen facts about the NAWT

  1. We rehomed nearly 1,200 animals last year, mainly cats and dogs but also rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and field animals.
  2. We carried out 7,000 individual animal vet consultations.
  3. We spend an average of £137 on vet fees per rehomed pet.
  4. Every animal rehomed is medically checked, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and given worming treatment before it is rehomed.
  5. Dogs with behavioural problems are on the increase. The charity employs two behavioural experts and assesses all dogs before and during their stay.
  6. Around 78% of our income comes from legacies.
  7. 87 pence of every pound donated gets spent on animal welfare.
  8. We rely on the support of 500 volunteers equating to £395,000 of additional costs covered in monetary terms.
  9. We employ 93 full-time staff and 31 part-time staff.
  10. Thanks to our supporters we have seen a 11% increase in fundraising income from our annual open days.


If you’d like any more information then please view our latest annual report or if there’s something specific you want to know then please get in touch.