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Our campaigns

The welfare of animals is our priority and our campaigns are designed to help make things a little bit easier for our pets – and their owners – especially when life doesn’t always run to plan.

The Puppy Pledge- Check the Chip

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) recognises that whilst we would always prefer people to rehome a rescue dog, sometimes it is the right choice for a family to buy a puppy.

To help the plight of puppy farmed puppies, we’re asking everyone to sign our Puppy Pledge, whether you’ve ever bought a puppy or not. The pledge calls for people to understand the puppy buying process and the role microchipping plays in helping to curb irresponsible breeding. 

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Who would look after your pet if you suddenly and unexpectedly found you had to be away from home?Tails of the Unexpected

Only 1 in 5 pet owners have plans in place for the care of their pet should they suddenly or unexpectedly be called away from home.

Tails of the Unexpected helps pet owners put care plans in place.

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NAWT Pet Care Card Pet Care Card 

NAWT's Pet Care Card scheme is a free service that will guarantee you peace of mind, knowing that your pet's future will be a safe and happy one after your lifetime. 

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