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Tails of the Unexpected care pack

Image taken from the poster for the NAWT Tails of the Unexpected campaign, features a dog carer with a dogWe've road tested our care pack with dozens of pet owners like you. Please view or download any or all of the following:

  • Care Guide - a step-by-step guide to choosing your pet care.

  • Pet Care Summary Form - a summary of your emergency contacts, a brief description of your pets, the arrangements you have in place, your vet details, any payment arrangements you have made and your wishes for longer term care arrangements if it is appropriate, plus a checklist for the documents to include in your file. If you have several pets, it is useful to include named photos of each pet.

  • Info Card - a credit card sized info doc for your wallet with essential details. This will notify the health service that your pet is home alone if you have been taken ill unexpectedly, and inform them of the steps to take to put your care plan into action.

  • Animal care forms - detailed information about your pet for you to download, fill in and keep in a safe place with other important documents like vaccination records and insurance details.

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