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Case study – Emily and Mikey

Emily and Mikey her adopted cat
Emily with Mikey her adopted cat

Editorial manager Emily, 34, from Hertfordshire, adopted her 5 year-old cat, Mikey, from the NAWT. Up until recently she shared her home with her partner who would look after the cat whenever she wasn't around. She was forced to re-think her care plans for her cat when her living arrangements changed.

Quite by chance Emily found help from Ann, her cat-loving next door neighbour. Ann is happy to feed and cuddle Mikey who welcomes the attention and Emily feels they would have never really got to know each other were it not for the cat.

She said: "I feel so lucky to have a neighbour who genuinely cares about Mikey and enjoys looking after him."

Whenever Emily goes away, she leaves written information about his vet and any medical requirements as well as any particular concerns she has at the time.

Planning for the unexpected

Emily has several back up plans in place as she did have an unexpected situation in the summer when she had to attend to a relative who was suddenly taken ill. Luckily Ann was able to help at short notice but Emily also knew she could call on a friend should her neighbour be unavailable.

She said: "I also have contact details for two 'pet pal' services in the area, so I know that if there is no-one available, I can call on them. It is not ideal to have someone looking after Mikey who doesn't know him, but I would use a service such as this in an emergency. I got these contact details from my vets, so I know that they are reputable."

Emily thinks the NAWT campaign is especially useful for new pet owners and the care forms especially useful particularly if someone is looking after your pet for the first time.

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