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The Process

Rabbit being held by ownerTaking on a rescue pet is a very rewarding experience for both you and your chosen animal. It won’t take long for your new companion to become part of your home and family life.

Before you visit one of our centres, we suggest you spend some time with the other members of your household deciding what sort of pet would be right for you.

Five steps in the rehoming process

  1. Visit your local rescue centre. Our centres are open most days of the week all year round. Our staff are there to help you find the right pet – so please ask for help and advice while you are there.
  2. Tell us about your home and lifestyle. Do you work or is there someone at home? Live in a city flat or in the country? We’ll help you make sure your chosen pet is the right one for you. We will ask for more ID information too.
  3. Make regular visits to the rehoming centres. This is the time to start a bond with your pet and make sure it is the right decision for you and your family. If it’s needed, then that’s the time we’ll advise on training tips too.
  4. Home visit. Allow us to visit you at home to discuss more about life with a rescue pet and to help you prepare for the new arrival.
  5. Take your new pet home. After you sign a contract, make a payment and complete the paperwork, you can take your new pet home with all the appropriate ownership documents.