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Cat reunited after 6 months due to microchip!

3rd June, 2017

The Cornwall Centre had a gorgeous ginger and white "stray" tom cat brought into the Centre this week. As is policy, we scanned for a microchip to find that the owners had chipped him. We eagerly looked up his details on the microchip database to find that he was registered to an address in Bristol. On contacting the owners, we were shocked to find the "Rio" had been missing since 3rd December 2016! The owners immediately jumped into their car and made the journey to the Centre to collect Rio; they had done all they could to trace him and had given up hope. We have no idea how Rio came to be in Cornwall but we were extremely happy to be able to reunite him. It was an emotional time for Rio and his family! 

We cannot stress enough how important microchipping your pet is and to ensure the details are always kept updated.