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Cat Competition Winner Announced

30th January, 2017

Thoughout December NAWT held a competition offering one lucky cat and their owner the chance to win a NoBowl Feeding System​. We received some fantastic entries from supporters telling us what they love about their cat and after a very tough decision, the prize has been awarded to Ossi and his owner Elly!

Elly says: "Life just wouldn't be the same or nearly as fun without all three of my cats, but particularly Ossi.

Ossi is 10 years young but is not meant to be still with us. He was diagnosed with FeLV as a kitten so I took him home to give him a few happy years. Happily he is absolutely fine and FeLV free.

Ossi is an overgrown kitten, he loves snuggles, particularly if they involve him cuddling under a duvet on the sofa. Sometimes he seems more dog than cat, he loves all other animals including the chickens. He has to be involved in everything you are doing (this is often not as helpful as he seems to think it is, though it is always entertaining)- changing the beds is his favourite! 

He is the loudest cat I have ever known Ossi Competition Winner with an opinion on everything and  not afraid to vocalise that opinion. He is also the smartest cat I know, he can sit, give both paws, lie down, roll over, twirl, weave, jump and his absolute favourite- the tunnel. 

Ossi is very greedy so I make him work for his food- he has various treat puzzles, some for dogs as he is too clever for the cat ones! This prize will be amazing for him, stimulating his mind, feeding him and making him work for his food is right up his street. "

We're sure Ossi wil put his prize to good use and we can't wait to see how he gets on!

Find out how we're using the  No Bowl Feeding System to keep our cats happy at NAWT. 



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